We’ve all been there. As we’re cleaning the kitchen, we scrape our kids’ scraps of mac ‘n cheese right off their plates and into our pie hole. We stand at the Super Bowl buffet and unwittingly polish off 2 (or 22ish?) chips only half-aware during the half-time show. We eat while watching television, driving the car, and checking our email all the while considering ourselves multi-taskers. And we are. We’re knocking off our to-do list AND thickening our waistlines all at the same time.


For those of us who love food, the word “diet” is pretty much “die” with a “t” on the end. Food offers us great pleasure, and without our favorites, meals and life are bland. But here’s where I want to offer hope. 

We don’t have to give up our favorite foods to be successful in our pursuit of health and fitness. We just have to start paying attention to what we’re puttin’ down. And dare I say, when we do so, we’ll actually find more pleasure in our eating experiences, not less.  

Join Me in the

Mindful Eating Challenge

Over the course of 1 entire month you'll become... 

  • Aware of the mindless calories you consume each day and how trimming the excess can begin to trim your shape without feeling deprived.  
  • Empowered in making mindful decisions about your food choices rather than fall victim to your circumstances.
  • Challenged with 9 of my best strategies to overcome old eating patterns and form new habits instead that actually serve you. 

You’ll learn how you can live in a way where you relish the foods you eat AND the way you eat without shame or guilt.