As I’m writing this very blog, I am wearing Uggs and a wool scarf on a cold and snowy Sunday… APRIL. And though I’m growing very tired of gray skies and sweaters, I know that before I know it, I’ll be complaining to you about how blasted hot it is outside. The sunshine is coming, my friend. And when it does, the layers will be coming off, and you’ll have nowhere to hide. Not even your vanity will be able to bear the cardigan that’s causing you to pit out in the ninety-degree heat. And I’m telling you right now that you are hiding nothing with that skirt you’re sporting at the bottom end of that tankini. So either fix it, or embrace it because it’s making you look like your mother. And though she is a lovely human being, you should not be dressing like her. God bless. 

So though the summer cardigan and skirted swimsuit may not be your best looks, let me tell you what you would rock in. You would rock wearing a little curve in your shoulder while you cheer from the sidelines in your sporty tank. You would rock with a little lean line shaping your thigh as you motorboat your little one across the baby pool. And most of all, you would rock having a little extra body confidence this summer feeling stronger, healthier, more energetic, and totally rad in your skin. As your friend, I will always tell you when you look fat in those pants. But as your really good friend, I’ll also always offer you a solution

Enter “HIIT Like a Girl – 6 High Intensity Workouts that Pack a Hard and Fast Punch.” These are six of my fave workouts I’ve developed and used over the years because of their effectiveness at helping you look and feel like a knock-out. 

  • Fun
  • Fast
  • Little or no equipment

These are three key elements I’ve found help a mama be consistent. And it’s the workouts that we actually do that give us results.  

You have seven weeks left before your children invade for the summer. 

They will take over your schedule, your energy, and your life. Though you can certainly maintain a workout schedule and some semblance of a figure during the summer months, I will tell you that women who try to START are rarely successful. 

Find your groove now, Stella. Complete each of these workouts for six days out of your week. Save another day to enjoy a long walk outdoors, a bike ride with your family, a yoga class with your neighbor, or just take the extra time to pretend you’re going to meditate and accidentally fall asleep for 20 minutes. 

You’ll deserve the nap after these bad boys.